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Transforming Generosity

I am energized by this year’s stewardship theme, “Transforming Generosity.” I like it because it has two meanings. The first way to look at it is that generosity can transform us, our community and our church. When we become financially generous, we can empower the...

Made in Your Image

Preachers are supposed to be people of words. After all, preachers… preach. Every now and then preachers go longer than they should. I am guilty on occasion. But after a week when the news spoke of hate speech that took on the form of pipe bombs in the mail, an...

2018 Diocesan Convention

October 26-27 - The 24th Annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Michigan will take place this October. Who will be representing you while we’re there? Have a look! Clergy: The Rev. Curt Norman, The Rev. Pam Renna. Delegates: Ric Roberts, Kathryn Coman,...