Hello Friends!

We are nearly at the end of our program year at St. John’s so I’m taking this time to bring you up to speed with some great things that have and will happen with our Family Ministries.

This year, a 4-year strategic plan for Christian Formation was presented to the vestry to deepen Christian Education and as part of the plan, we established a Children’s & Youth Formation Council. We’ve started a Youth Group, made strides to be more inclusive of our college students, and restarted our Sunday School II class. WHEW!

Of course, these excellent steps towards quality formation don’t happen by accident. It takes man hours, funds, planning, and LOTS of prayers. This is where these next bits of housekeeping come in…

  1. Please watch your email for Christian Formation surveys (also enclosed). Your thoughtful responses will guide future teacher training, class lessons, and communication. Please return by MAY 19.


  2. Also, on MAY 19th we will be having a bake sale fundraiser! Please consider donating or buying some delicious baked goods! Profits are intended to help expand our program lesson materials and to support summer children & youth activities (more on that to come).


  3. Sunday, JUNE 9th, will be our last day of Sunday School. We will also acknowledge our Sunday School teachers and other volunteers so plan on celebrating with us!

I have really enjoyed getting to know those of you involved our family ministries this year and am excited about what we will continue to accomplish. If you ever have any thoughts or questions about children and youth formation at St. John’s, feel free to contact me or any of our council members anytime.


Amy Simons
Assistant to the Rector for Office Administration and Christian Formation