A big THANK YOU! to all who participated in our Christmas Basket Outreach! Eighty nine baskets full of food and other goodies were delivered on Dec. 22nd to Rosien Towers Senior Housing that is just a block away from St John’s. Many hands helped to sort, count, shop, haul, deliver, and generally make it happen. Many others donated groceries or dollars ($825!) to make 2014 another successful year. Thanks to the Altar Guild who added festively wrapped large chocolate bars. Extra special thanks to Al Gissendamer, our Sexton, for all his help. This project truly could not go forward without him.

Plans already in the works for 2015!

We are going to modify the contents of our baskets to include less food and more items that cannot be purchased with food stamps such as paper or laundry products and personal items like deodorant and shampoo. If you would like to join the committee that plans this rewarding project and/or have some great ideas to share… please email amy@stjohns-saginaw.org!